Musical Instruments & Equipment

3235 E. Belmont Fresno, CA.

(559) 264 - 5856

Monday - Friday: 10am-5:30pm

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The Fresno Hock Shoppe typically accepts the following:

  • Guitars & Accessories
  • Basses & Accessories
  • Keyboards(Midi) & DJ Equipment
  • Woodwinds Instruments
  • Brass Instruments
  • Studio & Stage Speakers

Whether you're a beginner starting your first music project or looking to sell your old gear, The Fresno Hock Shoppe is the perfect destination. We buy, pawn, and sell all types of musical instruments and equipment, including guitars, basses, brass and woodwind instruments, pedals, tuners, speakers, and much more. You are welcome to visit us and try out any of our instruments and equipment before making a purchase.

Check out our current stock of music equipment below. Please note that these pictures are updated every few days, so some items may have been sold or we may have new items in-store that have not been posted yet. If you find something you like, visit us in-store to see it for yourself.